Get Light Right

Friday December 8, 2017

Ambiance and lighting can be the difference between a booming restaurant and a decent one. While food and service are crucial to an operation, atmosphere is often a reason for guests to choose one restaurant over another. One of the most important things to consider in the design of a restaurant is its lighting. The right lighting sets the mood, relaxes your guests and can even boost their appetite.

Restaurants always want their food to look good. Be cognisant of the shadows that may be cast on your food from bad lighting. If the food looks unappetizing, you may see it returned to the kitchen. Great lighting means hungrier guests and photographable food, which could result in free promotion on social media!

Ever notice how much darker it is in a high-end steakhouse than a fast food restaurant? Dark lighting and dimmers make dining an intimate and memorable experience. Fast food restaurants have bright lights to create an atmosphere of fast movement. It all goes into the careful planning of each restaurant, and when you get the lighting right, your guests will notice.

Carnegie has partnered with LeoLight to provide a special offer to restaurants looking to improve their ambience. We’re packaging six free candle holders with the purchase of a case of LeoLight LiquidLights or Tealights. (Good while supplies last.) See how LeoLight candles can make a difference in your restaurant’s atmosphere by visiting the Carnegie Showroom today.

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