How To Make Your Restaurant the Valentine’s Day Hot Spot

Monday January 29, 2018

For the love of food!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and there’s nothing like the expectation that comes with love and romance. The right approach to this day can make a huge difference on sales for the evening. Here are five tips that will help to drive your restaurant’s success.

1. Decorate.

There is nothing worse than walking into a restaurant on Valentine’s Day and not “feeling the love.” Customers want their Valentine’s Day dinner to feel romantic, and there are some easy ways to provide that ambiance. It can be as simple as  placing a vase full of roses where anyone can grab a rose for their significant other! Even just dimming the lights can change the way customers feel while they dine.

2. Magic Menu.

Offering an exclusive holiday menu will not only make your guests feel special, but also save your staff a lot of stress and time. Put some fancy heart-shaped dishes, oysters, pasta with vodka sauce and a few of your house favorites, and you’ll be set! That way, you’ll only have a select number of dishes to prepare all night, while your customers are still getting the exclusive experience that they want.

3. Jazz up the Drink Menu.

Don’t let your special offers stop at the food. Jazz up your drink menu with your most romantic red and pink hued cocktails and even highlight your favorite wines. Decorating with strawberries and raspberries can also add some extra flavor and color to your drinks. Another way to intrigue customers is by pairing drinks and menu items that go well together. A wise suggestion for a beverage never hurt!

4. Advertising.

Don’t miss the opportunity to fill the house this Valentine’s Day. Use social media and other advertising methods to let customers know that your restaurant will give them the romantic experience that they want. Social media is a great tool because it moves information so quickly to so many people, and before you know it, the whole town will know about the special evening you have planned. Plus, a lot of the advertising can be done for free on social media.

5. Offer Deals for Booking Ahead.

You want your customers to have a fluid experience, not a stressful one waiting for two hours before they get seated, which could ruin the romantic mood. Encourage booking ahead, and offer good deals for doing so such as half off a bottle of wine or complimentary dessert.

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