How to Choose the Best Commercial Ice Machine

Monday March 26, 2018

When it comes time to buy an ice machine for your business, it is important to sit down and lay out your needs. In a lot of instances, ice can make or break a customer’s experience, especially when dealing with drinks. Whether you’re talking about the consistency of a smoothie or cleanliness of the cubes cooling your drink, ice matters.

Besides the three types of ice machines that there are to buy (modular, undercounter and countertop), there are lots of things to take into consideration when buying an ice machine:

  1. Type of Ice — Ice machines make three types of ice: cube, nugget and flake ice. All have their benefits. Cube ice is the most common type of ice as it melts slowly and isn’t consumed quite as fast as other types of ice. Nugget ice is the softest type of ice and is often found in hospitals as it is easy to chew. It is also great for making smoothies. Flake ice is the middleman as it is not quite as hard as cube ice and not quite as soft as nugget ice. It is also popular ice used to display foods on while keeping them cool.
  2. Type of Compressor — There are three ways to create the coldness for your ice machine: air, water and remote. Air cooled ice machines are very cost-effective and fit the needs of most restaurants. Water cooled air machines are best when there is poor air circulation, contaminated air or temperatures above 80 degrees fahrenheit. Remote controlled ice machines have the condenser mounted outside, which leads to a much quieter cooler. However, these machines can get costly with the installation and maintenance fees.
  3. Ice Machine Bins — Finding a bin that is compatible with your ice machine AND business is extremely important. You don’t want to purchase a bin that is too big and allows for water to melt, and you don’t want to buy one that is too small and can’t handle the amount of ice that your machine is producing. Know how much ice you typically need and go from there.
  4. Filtering — While purchasing a filter for your ice machine isn’t vital, there a many benefits. You will save money in the long run because a filter will help your ice machine last longer and also help it work more efficiently. There are other benefits such as better tasting ice and higher ice production that will only help your business.

Now that you know all the details will help you get the most out of an ice machine, it’s time to decide which ice machine is right for you!

While there are so many different factors that come into play when purchasing an ice machine, there is a pretty perfect combination for every business based on their specific needs. We’ll help you determine the right commercial ice machine for your business by looking at what is important and helping you ask all the right questions before making that investment. Call Carnegie today: 814.942.0691

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