About Us

A history spanning three generations.

A lot has changed since George “Carnegie” Ferris opened for business in 1928, but the company’s core values remain the same:

                                                         Integrity: We treat our customers, vendors and fellow team members with respect and fairness.
                                                         Trusted: We strive to develop long-term partnerships and personal relationships.
                                                         Knowledge: We share our combined industry experiences to better people and business.
                                                         Hassle-Free: We practice ways to make dealing with each other easy.
                                                         Responsive: We are focused on timely interactions with the needs of our customers, vendors and team.

Our Vision

We help our customers grow their business.

Our Mission

To make Carnegie a legendary place to work and do business with by building personal relationships and using our knowledge to provide a hassle-free experience for our customers.

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Carnegie was founded in 1928 by George Ferris, better known as “Carnegie,” a nickname he was given by the town of Altoona for his generosity in serving the community. Originally, the business sold store front glass to local retailers, and operated under the name National Plate Glass.


After several years of running the glass company, Carnegie saw the need for a bar and restaurant supply store. He changed the name of his business to Carnegie Equipment. As Altoona began to grow, bars and restaurants started to pop up, Carnegie Equipment became their trusted dealer.


George C. Ferris, Carnegie’s son, becomes the second generation in the Ferris family to begin working at Carnegie.


George’s son, George C. Ferris II. joined the family business as the third generation. He’s been working alongside his father ever since.


In December 1997, Carnegie passed away. With 70 years in the business, his values have been passed on, allowing the legacy of Carnegie Equipment to continue.
Carnegie’s son, George C. Ferris, took over as President. George C. had been at Carnegie for almost 40 years when he became President.


Carnegie unveils a new showroom and warehouse, housing a test kitchen and a large selection of restaurant equipment and supplies.


Carnegie is a leading supplier of foodservice equipment and supplies, proudly serving Central PA to the Central USA.

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