2018 Healthy Food Trends

Monday January 8, 2018

New Year, New Trends.

There are always trends in the food industry, whether it’s a new dish that everyone goes crazy about, or a new superfood set to take over an aisle of the grocery store. Here are a few of the healthy foods we see making a big splash in 2018.

1. Plant-Based Food

More and more restaurants are offering vegetarian or vegan options as part of their everyday menu. The health food craze is here to stay, and having plant-based foods readily available offers customers a great way of balancing their diet. Look for more of your favorite restaurants to introduce vegetarian dishes in 2018.

2. Fermented Food

Fermented foods are in right now. These are dishes like sauerkraut, yogurt and pickled vegetables. They are great for digestive health, as well as tasting great. Restaurants will have no problem keeping these options in stock because they last long naturally.

3. Powders

We are starting to see an emergence of powdered superfoods in the grocery store. Cacao and turmeric are a few powders that have been widely available, but haven’t been fully tapped until recently. Try adding a superfood powder to a smoothie or drink at the beginning of your day. And look to see granola bars and on-the-go snacks containing some of these ingredients in 2018.

4. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are popping up everywhere, this time in a good way. In addition to having many health benefits, mushrooms taste great and can be used in a variety of ways. Nowadays they are often served with meat, or as a standalone vegetarian dish. Expect chefs to experiment more with different kinds of mushrooms throughout the new year.

5. Transparent Labeling

With a new law requiring restaurants to disclose calorie counts on their menus, we foresee many companies becoming quite transparent and open about their dishes and products.  Fair Trade and Organic certifications have been around for awhile, and in 2018, we should see quite a rise in the amount of available products with these labels.

6. Sparkling Water

We have seen a big jump in the number of products that contain fizzy water. Companies like La Croix are setting the standard, and expect to see more and more of these drinks popping up. They’re low on calories, zero sugar and easy to mix with your favorite fruits and plants.

7. Middle Eastern Food

We all enjoy our hummus and falafel, but now expect to see more Middle Eastern food available at restaurants and grocery stores. Using ingredients like pomegranate, eggplant and dried fruits, Middle Eastern cuisine will be a hot commodity in 2018.

8. Floral Flavors

Edible petals are becoming quite the craze in many culinary circles. Many dishes incorporate flowers and petals, giving a subtle sweet taste. Expect to see flowers used in coffees, teas and even cocktails this coming year.

9. Taco Bowls

Places like Chipotle have been offering options like this for years, but 2018 is the year of the taco bowl. Unwrapping the ingredients of a taco is quite simple, and still offers the convenience, flavor and joy of taco. Expect to see classic taco ingredients in a new way this year.

10. Root-to-Stem Cooking

Simply put, this just means using the entire vegetable in our cooking. The idea is to reduce food waste, and chefs are finding innovative and delicious ways to incorporate parts of the vegetable that we don’t normally use. Parts like stems and leaves are now finding their way into dishes across the country.

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